Monday, 24 January 2011

Made with love

We are so lucky to have such wonderful and creative friends who have made some lovely cards and drawings for Lily....patterns, fabric, digital print, hand drawn, collage. Pinned up in her nursery.

Friday, 21 January 2011

My stationery box: vintage

1. (top left) Hand painted card (top right) embroidered postcard sent from my Grandad to Nan during WWII (bottom left) embroidered needle case (bottom right) dried pressed flowers card from France
2. (left) Printed envelope from Beat 13 (right) fabric monograms from Paris flea market
3. (left) Postcard collection picked up in Brighton (right) black and white photograph
4. Collection of postcards and photographs from Brighton, Prague and London
5. (top left) Postcard sent from friend (top right) thread found in my Nan's drawer (bottom left) business card (bottom right) business card from Cocca, Tokyo
6. (top left) Embroidery pattern (top right) cutout London skyline card from Muji (bottom left) found envelope (bottom right) luggage tag

Tiny feet!

First Christmas

Five weeks old