Sunday, 28 June 2009

Horse heads

The past couple of weeks I have had some strange encounters with horses (my favourite animal since I learnt to ride when I was young).

First I went to see War Horse at the New London Theatre for a birthday treat, which featured amazing puppets that looked and behaved like real animals - even down to their breathing and moving ears. The following evening I went to see the shaman-artist Marcus Coates perform at A Ritual for Elephant & Castle, and rather than his usual badger or deer taxidermy accessories, he came out on stage with a huge horse's head - which was both fascinating and a bit alarming!

The other day, I came across an image from the recent Venice Biennale of a horse attached to the wall, minus a head - what is going on?!! All these images remind me of the gorgeous little fabric horse head on a frame I picked up in Tokyo last year that is hanging up in my flat.

A new trend???!!!......

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