Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A whiter shade of pale

20 degree London turned into 2 degree Sweden: misty mornings, dark afternoons, snood+hat+gloves+scarf, blankets and furs, bleached out colours.


  1. Hi Sarah

    I'm an MA student at Goldsmiths in New Cross studying radio journalism and I'm putting together a couple of features this week. I love Battersea too and I came across your blog whilst looking for stories to follow up about the area. I've decided to do something about the car boot because it's kind of a Battersea institution and yet I've never been! I saw on your profile that you love the car boot and wondered if you'd like to be my interviewee at this sunday at the event? It'd just be a case of taking me round some of the car boot sale and talking me through some of your favourite finds and stalls, why you love it, etc. and, because of your interesting work with textures, I'd love to bring that element in too. I'd also be interviewing a couple of stall owners and some shoppers so it wouldn't all be on you!

    If you're interested please send me an email to katherine.jh.godfrey@googlemail.com. Preferrably it'd be great to hear from you before the end of Friday but if you get this later than that I'd still love to hear from you anyway.

    Take care,

  2. Loving your Sweden photos lady and the bleached out colours… delicious cold and sweet Swedish cakes and hot toddies… Mmmm… And nice about the above interview request… xx