Sunday, 28 March 2010

As I was going to St Ives....

....I saw
  • daffodils for sale in bright plastic buckets
  • a stripy deckchair resting against the wall
  • a fisherman weaving lobster pots and baskets from wicker cane
  • the tide out, exposing the sand and anchors
  • sea-themed bric-a-brac on the windowsill
  • cake stands full of knitted treats and shell collections
  • rusty watermarks on whitewashed walls
  • Dexter Dalwood exhibition at the Tate
  • the Smock Shop and a red telephone box peeping out from behind
  • a pretty road called Fish Street

    1. Sounds wonderful... I'm booking my ticket immediately! Was the exhibition worth seeing?

    2. It was actually, I wasn't totally convinced at the time but came back and used his work as a reference for our seasonal graphics/print techniques! The Tate is worth going just for the fact that every window looks out on to the sea : )

    3. Love the daffodils in buckets too!