Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Friendship cake

I've spent 10 days looking after, feeding and caring for some sourdough cake mix that was passed on to me from a friend (thanks Carly!). I was told the mixture was called 'Herman' and given some instructions that advised me if Herman stopped bubbling he had died!! Although all I had to do most days was give him a stir, it has kind of felt like I've had two babies to look after.

It's quite a nice little project, and after ten days you split the mixture into four, pass three to friends (who I'm sure will thank you!) and then add lots of ingredients to make an apple/cinnamon/almond sponge cake....kind of tasted like an apple strudel. Unfortunately I had my first baking disaster, and while trying to get it out of the tin it kind of fell out and became more of a crumble....best disguised with lots of custard!

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