Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Vintage quilting

Lily's new summer-weight sleeping bag with cute vintage-style toy patterns, softly quilted fabric and a gathered waist. One of my latest thrifted finds.


  1. I love all your vintage/retro thrifted finds for your little girl's room! Where do you find them?
    I'd love to know the places and have the time to look for things like these!

  2. Ah thank you Amelie! I actually find most of them at my local charity shops and markets (Crystal Palace/Penge/West Norwood). It has become a bit of an obsession to check them out every few days, and as a full-time mum I have the time to pop in on the way to the park/playgroup/friends house! We definitely have some of the best ones I've seen, although there is also a lot of rubbish so you need a good eye : )