Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cobo Alice dolls

We've just returned from a little family holiday in Guernsey with outdoorsy glows and full bellies. Lots of country walks, ice-cream, beach fun and quirky small-village crafts/traditions = lots to blog about!

These cute little handmade dolls, found in the Folk and Costume Museum, originated in the 1870s and were named "Cobo Alice". The body is made from unbleached calico and the head from a stretched vest or stocking, which was then all filled with a fine sawdust filling. The puckered nose and eyebrows were sewn and then the head and hands were dipped in pink primer paint. Then the hair was picked out and painted and the dolls were dressed in bits of old dress materials. For more info on how the dolls were made, click here.

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