Saturday, 15 August 2009

Göteborg: day 2

Walked along the canal to the Feskekorka, or 'Fish Church', Gothenburg's oldest food market full of freshly caught seafood - much more sophisticated than you'd expect but I guess the chaos happens around 5am!

Spent the rest of the morning in Haga, the city's oldest working-class suburb with lots of cafes, antique shops, galleries and clothes (fell in love with Twist&Tango). The constant drizzly rain was a bit depressing and the prices were too high - I could only bring back a photograph of my favourite ceramic bowl with hand-painted stylised vegetables.

Quirky shop signs, mini greenhouses, handmade leather clogs, sun-bleached linen curtains, cobbled streets ending in lush tree-lined hills, fruit in rubber baskets, peering into the window of an amazing jumble of bric-a-brac that is only open when the shopkeeper can be bothered (so said the guy next door!).

Hiding from the rain in museums all afternoon - the Röhsska Museum with its beautiful hand-painted ceiling of swirly textile patterns, and the Stadsmuseum, housed in the old offices and auction house of the Swedish East India Company. 

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