Saturday, 30 January 2010

Almost a cute vintage breakfast set!

I was very excited when reading a recent post on one of favourite blogs the other day, as I spied some ceramics that looked very familiar! Nina from Ninainvorm had bought a bowl, cup and saucer at different times from the same charity shop, but has since found out that they all actually fit together as a cute vintage breakfast set (see bottom image).

Unfortunately, I seem to be missing the body for my pigtailed girl and my saucer also doesn't have any feet.....but surely it must be from the same collection? I must keep trawling Battersea car boot now to find the missing cup! See the rest of Nina's post and the story of her breakfast set here


  1. Great to see this as well! I think this may be from a similar style of ceramics, but not necessarily from the same brand or collection. Maybe there were different brands producing similar sets in a certain period. Someone on flickr showed me this girl's set:
    I think this is the matching set to mine, yours seems to have a slightly different style of painting (and the plate doesn't have the feet). But now I've also started wondering if what I have combined is the original set: I believe I've also seen one once with the boy wearing some sort of farmer style jumpsuit. Now that I found a mug with a clown wearing the exact polkadot suit like the one in my set, I've started wondering if there may also be a matching clown-faced-bowl for my set?
    Oh isn't this intriguing! (especially because the set doesn't have any kind of brand sign, such a mystery!)

  2. I found another one! ;)

  3. wow this is so exciting! My girl definitely has a slightly different face to the links you sent me, I'm either thinking I have an earlier edition or a cheap rip-off! Also obviously the plate doesn't have any feet, but the bowl doesn't have the flower motif inside the bowl like yours and the others.

    It would be funny if we are actually just making characters out of random bits of ceramic -maybe we should start creating more unique characters from bric-a-brac!! I'll try and do a bit of research and see if I can find anything else out - let me know if you get any further with this mystery! thanks for sharing the links x