Thursday, 28 January 2010

Found reflections

Beautiful reflections+mirrors+multiples+surface+materials seen at Stuart Haygarth's exhibition Found at the Haunch of Venison. I love his use of unexpected materials and the way multiple objects create a whole new aesthetic. Here are some of the mirrored and spectacle pieces, and I'll post his ceramic and plastic work in the next few days.

"Haygarth has spent many years gathering seemingly insignificant items such as ceramic figurines, spectacles, glassware and plastic objects whilst beachcombing, cycling and on excursions to markets and car boot sales. These found materials are then painstakingly organised and inspire the final work through their form, use, tactile qualities and their relationship to light" - Haunch of Venison.


  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment about the breakfast set, I'd love to see your parts of the same series as well!

  2. Hi Nina, I've posted some pics - take a look!