Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Roof terrace skies

It has been a crazy few days but we have finally moved into our new flat in Crystal Palace. Lots of emotions flowing and finding it difficult to part with Battersea, but also very excited about hunting out new places, antiques, markets and vintage baby furniture in the South East.


  1. Hey! I love those varieties of roof outside your window! it feels like the town is a mixed up of the world's different eras. I'm getting interested about the roofers (Denver, CO) of these buildings. I want to know about the transition of designs and architectures of these buildings. Denver roofers also fascinate me with their different roof materials. For me, there is more to the roof, I do not see it as it is, but I see time on it, I see evolution!

  2. These roofs are so cool! I just wonder if how old are they 'coz they look so sturdy. Living here in Northern Virginia, roofing is one of the things that the people are getting into. They always make sure that their homes (particularly their roofs) look nice and stylish. I actually have two houses here in Northern Virginia. Roofing for our two homes are especially made for all times of the season.

  3. Wow! It's fun to see a variety of roofs every day. It looks organized since the roof only follows a single pattern. :)All of them look stylish and sturdy. I hope you enjoy your new home.

    Randolph Coleson