Thursday, 5 January 2012

Teeny slippers

Although L has barely started wearing shoes, she received two pairs of slippers for Christmas (essential in a flat with floorboards both for warmth and to soften her heavy footsteps for the people below!). Her Uncle and Auntie brought back some adorable handmade sheepskin moccasins from a trip to Yorkshire which keep her little toes nice and snug.

I couldn't quite contain my excitement when I spotted some Collegien babushka doll slippersocks in the window of Do South in Crystal Palace. I had been lusting after them for months after seeing them on Ninainvorm's blog here, here and here and couldn't resist buying a pair. I was also inspired to make a couple of Collegien-style 'collection collages' much fun!


  1. Hey hey and a happy new year! I am loving these photos (and the little shoes in them) - lovely arrangements and very inspiring for photographing objects. Love Mrs B x

  2. hey Mrs B, happy new year to you too, hope you and Bertie had a good Christmas....just become obsessed with reading On The First Day of Marriage ; ) xx